If you drink like a fish, drink what a fish drinks…

Yup yup…this is what I need to adopt before my liver and kidneys fail on me. My weekend binge was ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous. I’m surprised I’m not ill and in bed. There are more pictures of me at my Halloween Extravanganza taking jello shots than any other pictures. I am so glad I didn’t jump into this crazy fitness plan at the beginning of the month. Thank God that I was talked into waiting so I could get the 48 hour binge, Woody’s burger (coming soon), and lazy football Sundays out of the way before I punish my body and show it who is boss!

No more alcohol.

I have 5 Ace Pears in the fridge, and that is what I am sticking too for the next 5 days. I am really going to miss the alcohol but I am sure I can live without it for a while! From now on only H2O. Me and my kidneys are in a battle and they have talked me into only water and electrolytes until December.

I don’t want them to look like this…

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UGH! Here it is — the Beginning

October 19, 2010


Weight: 123.4 lbs

Height: 5 ft 3 in (63 inches)

BMI: 21.8

Body Fat %: 27.43 (33 Pounds of fat and 90 Pounds of lean -muscle, bone, body water-)

Hip: 38 in

Waist: 30 in

Arms: 10.5 in

Thigh: 19 in

Calf: 12 in

Wrist: 6 in


I have no comments…

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State Fair of Texas…

…kicked my butt! My brother had never been (or doesn’t remember going),  so yesterday we made last-minute plans to go and enjoy the last weekend of the fair. But first, we were hungry—stopped in at Fred’s and ate a heavenly burger that anyone would die over. It’s not a Woody’s burger, but damn close. After a beer and a burger, we crawled over to the Saucer to consumer a couple more brewskis, in my case, pear cider. The Fair started with a nice waxed-cup light beer…and then onto the next three. Fried guacamole, fried DP, fried beer, fried snickers…were all surrounding us, all of which none I ate. My food consisted of a quick dollar dog and a turkey leg. I love those huge hunks of meat with the smoked flavor and all the deliciousness that comes with it. All-in-all the diet wasn’t good today, but could have been a lot worse! November 1st is creeping up…

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Time to get back on track…The Plan!

Good afternoon…work and then beer drinkin’ to forget work, has consumed my last 48 hours…sorry for the delay! Time to get back on track!


My dear friend, English-Texan, red-headed and fellow feisty Aries, KatyLouMartin (or that is what we will call her) has really fired up this self challenge and is helping me prepare up for this change by being my new fitness partner-in-crime and creating a plan that I think will really work! The major motivation is my wedding in May. The scenery is set on a beautiful white sand beach in the Caribbean…and with that, I will be vacationing with some of my best friends…who I DON’T want to seeing my cellulite or my “wobbily-bits” hanging around on the beach. She just so happens to be one of my honored guests at the wedding (YAY!) and both of us want to look hot and FLAUNT our hot 20-something year-old bodies on our fabulous and memorable vacation. She created the plan…and then I modified it a tad 🙂

1.     Track all food intake with a food log. You can do this on websites but since I am here at this site everyday, I might as well just track it here. Easy enough! 

2.     Start 30 Day Shred November 1, 2010 five days a week.  


3.     Jan 4, start P90X … 5 days a week, 90 days takes us out about 8/9 days before we leave for the wedding!

4.     Continue the blog and track progress with photos, weigh ins, and measurements.

5.     Weigh in and share every Wednesday.

I have started to prepare for this well, by just thinking about it honestly. This week has not been so good to my body. I’m not eating too much, it’s just that I’ve been having cocktails after work and not exercising off anything. This isn’t a good start. This weekend I’m headed to the country, where the fried-chicken melts in your mouth and your mashed potatoes are made with real buttermilk. I will have to resist and BE STRONG!

Next week’s plan…cut down on drinks, no food after 7:30 (no matter what!), walk Riplee everyday for exercise, & stretch and do yoga to start loosening up the muscles. Current measurements and photos too…

Wish me luck!

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Hello world…

Ok so this is new for me…this whole BLOG thing. I’m a “Facebooker” and feel that I share my private life with the Internet world way too much already. But, I have only been opposed in the past to writing a blog mainly because, well, I’m pretty boring and I didn’t have much to say.

Well, today is the day, a girlfriend of mine gives me idea to blog about my fitness progress -today is the day that I start to believe that maybe a blog will help me with my progress as I have a lot on my mind, a lot of plans, and a big mouth to run. I will spare my fiance the 30 minute “I’m hungry…I’m sore…do you think I’ve lost an inch?” daily speech and spill the beans on you guys. To understand anything about me you may need a little education in Kristaleeology…

About Me:

My name is Krista Lee, I am 26, 5 foot 3 1/2 inches, and a blue-eyed Texas girl. Lived here my whole life…learned a lot from my parents who are complete opposites. Have 3 younger brothers who I still try and “mother”. Grew up in an area with lots of diversity…this has made me very open, honest, and easy to get a long with just about everyone I meet. I am interested in the way society changes, geography, anatomy, psychology. I am a true ARIES. I love animals, especially my “weiner-heeler” Riplee. I had a mid-life crisis at age 23 and am now the happiest girl alive. I’m getting married to my sweetheart Matt in May 2011! I believe everything happens for a reason and also believe in the power of karma. I am a true believer in Christ. When I’m feeling blah, it can all turn around with a sweet compliment from my guy… he can make me feel like the sexiest girl alive in a matter of moments. My weeknights consist of me in my pjs and hair swept up, curled up on the couch watching shows/movies with Matt, Riplee, and red wine. It’s the perfect routine and I don’t want it to change for anything. It’s therapeutic to us. Things I cannot live without: mascara, pen and paper to write or doodle, tooth brush, friends or family to cheer me up after a long day, a hair tie, a good massage, my Mamaw, laughter, coffee, sunshine, and a little bit of attention. Things I dislike: the word HATE, my cellulite, people who aren’t open-minded, cruelty, root beer, messiness, inconsideration, disrespect, poor communication, my anxiety, the fact that I went to school for business but really have a passion to do something else in life, laziness, my lack of patience, people who take advantage of the most precious things.

I’ve always had a pretty petite, small build, with strong muscles, thanks to cheerleading. I’ve never been over the weight I am now, nor do I want to be. I despise my body fat and know that the last 10 lbs I have gained has been due to inactivity and age. I want to feel good about myself, be more active, feel better, and gain the confidence I once had! I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

I want to lose 7-10 lbs and I want to do it quick!

Tomorrow’s BLOG: The PLAN

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