Day 16: Happy New Hebrides Day!

First off, to all the New Hebrides out there (you know who you are, you denim-on-denim wearing Scottish Isle super-creeps who keep me creatively imagining and playing on your existence everyday) Happy Day to you my friends!

Acid reflux is not settled. My subway lunch triggered it again and I am miserable. I DON’T want to work out, but know I will feel better once I do. Maybe Red Bull will need to be my strength and motivation, but then I remember it’s only Tuesday. Since this work week is looking awfully slow, tonight will need to be special. Tonight calls for an amazing dinner, a long, warm bath and the beginning of an old novel I’ve been thinking about re-reading for a while, The Great Gatsby. I can’t wait to sink into the lives of Gatsby and Daisy and to relive the lavish parties and unspoken love. It seems like the right pick for the holiday season. Never read it? You should. Thank you Mr. Fitzgerald, even though you hated your own work.

Speaking of lavish, my dinner will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Lemon and rosemary chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables are on the menu. It’s all about warmth and comfort today!

PS – I want to host a “Gatsby” themed party someday…

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2 Responses to Day 16: Happy New Hebrides Day!

  1. Amby says:

    Make “Great Gatsby” next year’s Halloween theme! We can do all kinds of fun stuff with that. Maybe a deep, red ceiling of balloons? 1000 balloons next year!

  2. kittymartine says:

    One of my favorite books. Oh and they are re-making the movie….

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