Days 11 – 14: OFF tRaCk

I suck @ blogging, just so everyone knows. I need to get on a ROUTINE (like working out) with it, but if I don’t do it first thing in the morning than most likely it won’t get done. So, since I had 4 WHOLE DAYS off in a row and I promised myself I wouldn’t pick up a computer…and I didn’t. Ketchup…

Day 11 started out with a minor procedure at the doc’s office that caused me to be very groggy and lazy for the remaining day. My hunny took me to Mimi’s to warm up with a fat vanilla latte (and FAT meaning not skinny), Eggs Florentine and fresh fruit with french onion soup to-go. NO WORKOUT but yoga was a substitute the night before. Before the night ended, I got to Skype my Dad for well over 30 mins before he left for Afghanistan. It was a very good talk. I love him so! Happy Veteran’s Day!  

Day 12 – I thought I was getting sick. The weather changed, the wind picked up and all I wanted to do was SLEEP! Ugh. I pushed through a workout with Jillian in the morning, drank an Emergen-C and didn’t move for the rest of the day. Dinner was healthy but not very appetizing…it happens that way sometimes.

Day 13 – SATURDAY and I am feeling GROOVY — No sickness for me but I hear my poor KatyLou is suffering! NOOOOO! My workout partner can’t be down 😦 I pushed through the Shred and I am feeling pumped! Is Stage 2 really around the corner. I am so not ready for this. PS – My figure looks the same and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained weight. UGH — when will this ever pay off?

Day 14 – the decline begins. I wake up with my ‘Sunday-Funday Face’ on. Everyone knows that face of mine, it looks like trouble I tell ya, pure T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

I am READY for a mimosa and no one will stop me, NO ONE! 3 MIMOSAS (not one) make their way into my belly. It’s sooo tasty, and perfect for this crisp, cool afternoon! Oh, wait…oh Scheiss…I’m a little tipsy! I haven’t had any alcohol in a while, 3 mimosas used to be my “Sunday Morning Pick-Me-Up-Outta-Bed-Juice” before I even left the house! My fear of taking a huge decline and jumping off the wagon became reality this day…but holy cremoli, it sure felt good. After 2 beers I felt sleepy and in came the best afternoon nap. (Thanks to Matt Ramsey for stopping at the pub and feeding my inner demons! ) We are talking MAJOR extra calories just for a tick in the toosh. Was it worth it? At 5 o’clock I said HECK NO. My head hurt sooo bad, and I felt so dehydrated. Bad mistake….

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3 Responses to Days 11 – 14: OFF tRaCk

  1. kittymartine says:

    LOL, your post made me smile this morning. I needed to smile. I still feel like hell, but not as crummy as yesterday.

    You really can’t see any changes? Take some measurements and new pics to re-inspire you. I can’t wait to get back on the wagon! 😀

  2. Okay-I am literally at my desk just laughing like an idiot. This post just made my day! Sunday Funday is never a bad idea…feed those demons! I’ll be feeding ALL of my demons this weekend! Wish you and Kathryn were going to be here for our ladies weekend around Htown! I’m ready to get the party started and it’s only Tuesday!

  3. Amby why the heck don’t you live closer — dammit! I’m glad I could make you girl smile this morning. HAPPY HEBRIDES DAY!

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