Day 10: RECAP & Weigh-In Wednesday

Dear Blog,                                                                                                                                              I am sorry. I know you have been deprived but the one with the true deprivation is me. I have thought about you for days but could not get my crazy life to slow down to put my thoughts into words. I have so much on my mind, you all have NO IDEA! Today, my brain is running wild!

Let’s catch up:

Day 6 – WORKOUT was awesome and so was my day out with KatyLouMartin. We had much-needed pedis, an amazing lunch @ Mimi’s, and had a great time with the pups! So grateful for my partner. I really love her and couldn’t do this without her inter-FRIEND-tion on a daily basis. I tried to have a small glass of vino Saturday night at a party, but I soon realized it wasn’t doing ANYTHING for me and threw it out. Still haven’t had a beer…

Day 7 – Lazzzy Day (NO WORKOUT) but did a lot of heavy lifting as we moved some belongings out of storage…I will mark this down as ‘strength training’. I ate wonderful all day long and really resisted any temptation that lingered around. I really needed this lazy Sunday, it was more than therapeutic.  

Day 8 – Monday is here and I am pumped. I kicked Jillian’s butt and found myself doing the harder moves, rather than holding back following Anita. I felt really refreshed and energized afterwards. I cheated a bit but still ate relatively healthy. My grilled tilapia dinner at BooRay’s consisted of some sauces that were high in sodium but all in all I think I made good choices with the asparagus and green beans. Bought lots of vegetables and fruits for the week…KIWI has 2x the amount of vitamin C than an orange, so stock up on all that tangy goodness! 

Day 9 –  I am on a roll…I have got this down and Stage 2 is just right around the corner! I increased my weights on a couple of exercises but don’t think I am quite ready to move on to the next level. YIKES! The moves look a lot harder and Jillian’s attitude has changed a bit. I don’t think we will be friends next week. My goal to start working out in the mornings hasn’t made any progress, so I guess I will keep sticking to my evening workouts. One good thing is they keep me away from any Happy Hour temptations.

Day 10 – My breakfast ROCKED and gave me tons of energy (or was that the caffeine? :)) Anyhow, I am pumped, and super excited for weigh-in Wednesday. I have done this workout for a while now, can feel that I am getting leaner, and have worked hard on my diet and appetite.

Here we go…drum-roll….123.1 lbs. WHAT? 😦

I lost .3 lbs? Did I gain weight from 10/19 – 11/1 (binge era) and then lose that already? Or did I just not lose anything and worked really hard? Let’s hope and pray Day 20 weigh-in will show more progress. This is not the end of the world but definitely NOT what I had in mind. I am turning to Amazing Grass or some sort of supplement to maybe help me through the next few weeks. I’m doing abs and back class today, power yoga, and Jillian…the scale will not win!

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2 Responses to Day 10: RECAP & Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. kittymartine says:

    We look skinny in that photo! lol 😉

    Love ya, you are gaining muscle and that’s ok girl. The measurements will tell a different story me thinks!

  2. Amber says:

    Great photo of you two! Kathryn is right…you are gaining muscle, not inches! I love the progress that’s going on with this partnership you two have! Congrats 🙂

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