Day FOUR – I.Heart.Breakfast!


I woke up this morning with my tummy growling and the need for a wholesome and warm breakfast. My body was telling me I needed fuel.  All the way through my shower and while I limped to work, I thought about my morning meal and how delicious and healthy it would be. “ORDER UP! one veggie egg white omelet (with cheese, had to have cheese) – a slice of wheat toast – big glass of orange juice” As you can see from my Food Log,  I don’t usually eat like this, but I had to have something strong to start out my day, and today, this was a great choice 🙂

Workout: for Day 3 was brutal. I do REALLY good through circuits 1 and 3…it’s right in the middle where I lose my endurance. I was super sore today and hope that tonight’s workout won’t kill me 🙂

Is it December yet?

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One Response to Day FOUR – I.Heart.Breakfast!

  1. Katyloumartin says:

    Circuit one and 2 suck, 3 is alllll good cause I know it’s almost over!!!

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