Day FIVE: Keep on keeping on

Day Four’s workout was a success, even though it started late. I may change up the workout a bit to include music as I am tired of hearing Jillian screaming the same things over and over, every day! All in all, I think that the moves are working like they should, I just want to see results NOW! (Acts of impatience from a true Aries). Little scared…ok really scared for weigh-in on Wednesday. I am not as sore today as I was the first two days, or am I just getting used to it?

Surprisingly afterwards, I STILL had a CRAVING for some pasta, like I did all day, and talked my hunny into taking me to our favorite local “Italian” restaurant (ran by Armenians) to indulge in a pasta dish that hopefully wouldn’t set me over the edge of my limited carb calories for the day. I ended up with a Tilapia Florentine dish. Over all, it was light on the stomach compared to lasagna or raviolis but as I stared into the dish, all I could see was little fat lipids waiting to be stuck to my ass. It wasn’t as ‘healthy’ as I wanted it to be, see food log. I only ate half of the dish. I was satisfied but a little disappointed in giving into my cravings. Tomorrow is a new day…

Tonight I get to hang out with my girlfriends, play some cards, and catch up on gossip. I’m not looking forward to all the snacks and large amounts of alcohol (and peer pressure) that will be surrounding me, but I think that I will be able to stick to my guns. NO ALCOHOL! But how about ONE delightful, small glass of red wine? I mean, wine isn’t ‘really’ alcohol, right? Isn’t it just fermented grape juice? 🙂

Wish me luck….


Your Social-Alcoholic, Carb-Loving turned Fitness-Freak, Favorite Blogger…

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2 Responses to Day FIVE: Keep on keeping on

  1. Katyloumartin says:

    Lol, you had pasta yesterday silly :)) keep it up

  2. kittymartine says:

    DUDE, where did you gooooo?

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