Day Three: No pain no gain baby!

No pain no gain: My body hates me this morning. Day 2 I was sore, and I am even more sore today. That’s the name of the game though. If I wasn’t doing it right, I wouldn’t be sore. My inner thighs (target spot) are seriously about to split. My glutes (target spot) is super tender and I clinch ever time I sit on my toosh! My back (right above the bra line — target area) is really sore to the touch. I LOVE that the things that are being worked are things I needed most improvement on.

My Day 3 workout started late but I made it though it. My endurance was a bit weaker than the first workout and I caught myself really hating the exercise half way through the second circuit, mainly because I was sore from Day 2. When I get to the 3rd circuit, I know I am just about done and push myself a bit harder. I like this about me 🙂  


1) To be able to do ALL the push-ups by the end of Level 1 workout. My upper body is a bit weak and I am struggling through this part of the workout.

2) Be able to get up early and start doing these workouts in the morning — starting next week. It will definitely help with my evening routine.

3) Fit into some of my oldies…pics to come.

Cheers (with my H20) to Jillian Michaels!

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2 Responses to Day Three: No pain no gain baby!

  1. kittymartine says:

    Great post chicadee. I love the new goals. I have a size 2 pair of luckys that current won’t button (lacking about an inch 1/2) I WILL GET BACK IN THEM! I may have to steal your idea.

    SO proud of you pushing yourself…I sooooo would have caved and not worked-out if I was flying solo! Can’t let my fitness buddy down though. 🙂 xx

  2. Amby says:

    Great post Krista Lee! I need to get my upper body in check as well. You’d think I have muscles and strength, but sadly, I don’t. Your dates with Jillian will get easier everyday! Push hard and all of those goals will be accomplished!

    “Oh yeah, champagne yeah!”-wait, we’re not drinking 😦

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