Day TWO: Oscar here…

A long, dreary day with bad news demotivates me and turns me into a grouch. Nothing is going my way today and all I want is some good company to cheer me up and an Ace Pear. Maybe I shouldn’t start my challenge again today? I mean my head really isn’t into it and a beer would really just cheer me up 🙂 I have guests to entertain and they really don’t want to hear about my crappy day! Dinner isn’t quite done yet and all the guests are running late, so I stop the non-sense, bite the bulletS and turn my DVD on to take my anger out on Jillian!   

HOLY SMOKES! This workout ROCKS! This is only 20 mins long and I’m seriously getting all of this toning, cardio, and strength training in? I can feel my legs burning, the sweat rolling down my cheek, and the exercise fairies praising my actions. I am so thrilled I just did this and got through it. HECK YES for 30 day SHRED! I am loving the way I feel right now…and I have forgotten about my beer.

DING DONG…guests are here and I have a huge 🙂 on my face.

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4 Responses to Day TWO: Oscar here…

  1. kittymartine says:

    Bad news? Everything ok poppet?

  2. Everyone wants “mo money”! My car is broke and the shop bill is a whopping $900. UGH! That’s just the beginning…

  3. No Ace Pear! Stay strong my friend. We can do this!!!

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