Day One: dIsRuPtIoN

I have been waiting for this day all month! I’m so excited it is November 1st. As I sit at my desk, I can already hear Jillian telling me to “sweat more” and to “push yourself harder”. I can hardly wait to get home to see what she has in store for me. My busy day comes to an end at 4:30pm and I’m outta there.  

As I’m heading home, KatyLouMartin {my partner-in-crime} calls to say she has an amazing opportunity to watch a World Series game and her date with Jillian must be pushed back 24 hours. SO EXCITING! World-Freakin’-Series…are you kidding me? Although her workout and diet for the day was sabotaged, MINE was not…yet.  

I get home, get into my cute workout outfit that I had thought about all day…and start looking for my props. Weights (CHECK) — resistance bands (CHECK) — exercise mat (hmmm…where in the HELL is that?) — nowhere to be found. Ok, let’s improvise a bit and use something else. No problemo! (CHECK)

Now, time to pop in the DVD…wait? what? not reading disc? Low and behold, the damn DVD player takes a poo on me. AHHHH! Seriously? I hate to workout, but TODAY I BEG OF YOU, I really want to.  Dinner is on the stove and the WS game comes on soon, I don’t see a WalMart trip in store for me tonight. I change it up with a walk/run with Riplee around the neighborhood…Day One will have to start tomorrow!

Was it a sign? Were the stars not quite aligned for KatyLouMartin and I to start our challenge? Was it the Baseball Gods wanting us to hold off one more day to help root on the Rangers? We may never know.

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for an amazing season! Let’s do it again next year!

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2 Responses to Day One: dIsRuPtIoN

  1. kittymartine says:

    It’s a good thing your DVD pooped out on you, you’d get thru with the stage one day earlier otherwise. Looking forward to weigh in Wednesday and for new pics!!! Thanks for your moral support KP, I couldn’t do it without you.

  2. I wouldn’t have started without you! Thank you 🙂

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