If you drink like a fish, drink what a fish drinks…

Yup yup…this is what I need to adopt before my liver and kidneys fail on me. My weekend binge was ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous. I’m surprised I’m not ill and in bed. There are more pictures of me at my Halloween Extravanganza taking jello shots than any other pictures. I am so glad I didn’t jump into this crazy fitness plan at the beginning of the month. Thank God that I was talked into waiting so I could get the 48 hour binge, Woody’s burger (coming soon), and lazy football Sundays out of the way before I punish my body and show it who is boss!

No more alcohol.

I have 5 Ace Pears in the fridge, and that is what I am sticking too for the next 5 days. I am really going to miss the alcohol but I am sure I can live without it for a while! From now on only H2O. Me and my kidneys are in a battle and they have talked me into only water and electrolytes until December.

I don’t want them to look like this…

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3 Responses to If you drink like a fish, drink what a fish drinks…

  1. kittymartine says:

    That picture is SCARY! Aqua is my friend.

  2. kittymartine says:

    Ace pear is alcohol right?

  3. Yes it is, and I planned on stopping drinking after those 5 were gone. Those were gone in a flash and in came the Woodchuck. There are still 4 Woodchuck staring at me every night in the fridge. I’m going to have to do something with those!

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