State Fair of Texas…

…kicked my butt! My brother had never been (or doesn’t remember going),  so yesterday we made last-minute plans to go and enjoy the last weekend of the fair. But first, we were hungry—stopped in at Fred’s and ate a heavenly burger that anyone would die over. It’s not a Woody’s burger, but damn close. After a beer and a burger, we crawled over to the Saucer to consumer a couple more brewskis, in my case, pear cider. The Fair started with a nice waxed-cup light beer…and then onto the next three. Fried guacamole, fried DP, fried beer, fried snickers…were all surrounding us, all of which none I ate. My food consisted of a quick dollar dog and a turkey leg. I love those huge hunks of meat with the smoked flavor and all the deliciousness that comes with it. All-in-all the diet wasn’t good today, but could have been a lot worse! November 1st is creeping up…

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4 Responses to State Fair of Texas…

  1. Katyloumartin says:

    My diet has sucked. High chorlesterol to boot urgh. So exiceted for our plean, not excited for the pain, the hunger…the full body shots :-/ yikers 🙂 love ya

  2. kittymartine says:

    I have never been to the fair 😦

    Mmmm, Woody’s…we need to eat there prior to November 1st.

    Chorlestrol sch-mesterol !

  3. I believe a trip to Woody’s should be in order for this Sunday. It’s my favorite hangover spot. This weekend is my last weekend for binge drinking. Only if I make it through it, this party may kill me before it happens. Lots to do!!!!

  4. kittymartine says:

    hahah, I hear ya! Let’s plan on Woodys on Sunday then!!!

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