Day 17: death becomes her

This morning I felt and looked like death warmed over. I didn’t sleep well (or sleep at all), my whole body aches and I sounded like someone punched me in the face. The only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the screeching whistle from my tea-pot. After a 1/2 cup of hot tea, I manage to throw myself in the shower and begin the day. Even though I feel like death, I pretty myself up and put my cutest skirt suit on because I KNOW, if I look good, I end up feeling good. (I adopted this routine after multiple miserable hangover days).  So much for the early morning, warm ham and cheese omelette, namaste yoga, and early arrival to work that I had dreamed/thought about all night long…at this point I am running late.

It’s getting better and with my regular allergy meds I am surviving the day and have been quite productive (it’s the suit I tell ya)…but I have ZERO ENERGY. It’s 2:56pm and I am seriously injecting my veins with more caffeine. I skipped workout last night to vegg on the couch with my 2 favorite things, therefore, I cannot skip tonight! No excuses. Pilates/abs workout, power yoga, and Jillian are all on the menu for this p.m…if I don’t crash and fall asleep before then 😦

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Day 16: Happy New Hebrides Day!

First off, to all the New Hebrides out there (you know who you are, you denim-on-denim wearing Scottish Isle super-creeps who keep me creatively imagining and playing on your existence everyday) Happy Day to you my friends!

Acid reflux is not settled. My subway lunch triggered it again and I am miserable. I DON’T want to work out, but know I will feel better once I do. Maybe Red Bull will need to be my strength and motivation, but then I remember it’s only Tuesday. Since this work week is looking awfully slow, tonight will need to be special. Tonight calls for an amazing dinner, a long, warm bath and the beginning of an old novel I’ve been thinking about re-reading for a while, The Great Gatsby. I can’t wait to sink into the lives of Gatsby and Daisy and to relive the lavish parties and unspoken love. It seems like the right pick for the holiday season. Never read it? You should. Thank you Mr. Fitzgerald, even though you hated your own work.

Speaking of lavish, my dinner will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Lemon and rosemary chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables are on the menu. It’s all about warmth and comfort today!

PS – I want to host a “Gatsby” themed party someday…

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Day 15: Acid Reflux…

…takes over. The combo of acid and tomay-to salsa I ate at lunch nearly ruined my day. I’m afraid this bad attack also has something to do with the alcohol I drank the day before. The amount of consumption was minimal compared to my normal reality, but I definitely think that it triggered something. YUCK!

I pushed myself SUPER HARD during workout tonight. I was motivated and ready to rock! It hurt. Like bad. I was angry with Jillian this time and could hear myself moaning and groaning through the exercises. I don’t like being lazy and taking days off…it hurts way worse the next few days!

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Days 11 – 14: OFF tRaCk

I suck @ blogging, just so everyone knows. I need to get on a ROUTINE (like working out) with it, but if I don’t do it first thing in the morning than most likely it won’t get done. So, since I had 4 WHOLE DAYS off in a row and I promised myself I wouldn’t pick up a computer…and I didn’t. Ketchup…

Day 11 started out with a minor procedure at the doc’s office that caused me to be very groggy and lazy for the remaining day. My hunny took me to Mimi’s to warm up with a fat vanilla latte (and FAT meaning not skinny), Eggs Florentine and fresh fruit with french onion soup to-go. NO WORKOUT but yoga was a substitute the night before. Before the night ended, I got to Skype my Dad for well over 30 mins before he left for Afghanistan. It was a very good talk. I love him so! Happy Veteran’s Day!  

Day 12 – I thought I was getting sick. The weather changed, the wind picked up and all I wanted to do was SLEEP! Ugh. I pushed through a workout with Jillian in the morning, drank an Emergen-C and didn’t move for the rest of the day. Dinner was healthy but not very appetizing…it happens that way sometimes.

Day 13 – SATURDAY and I am feeling GROOVY — No sickness for me but I hear my poor KatyLou is suffering! NOOOOO! My workout partner can’t be down 😦 I pushed through the Shred and I am feeling pumped! Is Stage 2 really around the corner. I am so not ready for this. PS – My figure looks the same and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained weight. UGH — when will this ever pay off?

Day 14 – the decline begins. I wake up with my ‘Sunday-Funday Face’ on. Everyone knows that face of mine, it looks like trouble I tell ya, pure T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

I am READY for a mimosa and no one will stop me, NO ONE! 3 MIMOSAS (not one) make their way into my belly. It’s sooo tasty, and perfect for this crisp, cool afternoon! Oh, wait…oh Scheiss…I’m a little tipsy! I haven’t had any alcohol in a while, 3 mimosas used to be my “Sunday Morning Pick-Me-Up-Outta-Bed-Juice” before I even left the house! My fear of taking a huge decline and jumping off the wagon became reality this day…but holy cremoli, it sure felt good. After 2 beers I felt sleepy and in came the best afternoon nap. (Thanks to Matt Ramsey for stopping at the pub and feeding my inner demons! ) We are talking MAJOR extra calories just for a tick in the toosh. Was it worth it? At 5 o’clock I said HECK NO. My head hurt sooo bad, and I felt so dehydrated. Bad mistake….

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Day 10: RECAP & Weigh-In Wednesday

Dear Blog,                                                                                                                                              I am sorry. I know you have been deprived but the one with the true deprivation is me. I have thought about you for days but could not get my crazy life to slow down to put my thoughts into words. I have so much on my mind, you all have NO IDEA! Today, my brain is running wild!

Let’s catch up:

Day 6 – WORKOUT was awesome and so was my day out with KatyLouMartin. We had much-needed pedis, an amazing lunch @ Mimi’s, and had a great time with the pups! So grateful for my partner. I really love her and couldn’t do this without her inter-FRIEND-tion on a daily basis. I tried to have a small glass of vino Saturday night at a party, but I soon realized it wasn’t doing ANYTHING for me and threw it out. Still haven’t had a beer…

Day 7 – Lazzzy Day (NO WORKOUT) but did a lot of heavy lifting as we moved some belongings out of storage…I will mark this down as ‘strength training’. I ate wonderful all day long and really resisted any temptation that lingered around. I really needed this lazy Sunday, it was more than therapeutic.  

Day 8 – Monday is here and I am pumped. I kicked Jillian’s butt and found myself doing the harder moves, rather than holding back following Anita. I felt really refreshed and energized afterwards. I cheated a bit but still ate relatively healthy. My grilled tilapia dinner at BooRay’s consisted of some sauces that were high in sodium but all in all I think I made good choices with the asparagus and green beans. Bought lots of vegetables and fruits for the week…KIWI has 2x the amount of vitamin C than an orange, so stock up on all that tangy goodness! 

Day 9 –  I am on a roll…I have got this down and Stage 2 is just right around the corner! I increased my weights on a couple of exercises but don’t think I am quite ready to move on to the next level. YIKES! The moves look a lot harder and Jillian’s attitude has changed a bit. I don’t think we will be friends next week. My goal to start working out in the mornings hasn’t made any progress, so I guess I will keep sticking to my evening workouts. One good thing is they keep me away from any Happy Hour temptations.

Day 10 – My breakfast ROCKED and gave me tons of energy (or was that the caffeine? :)) Anyhow, I am pumped, and super excited for weigh-in Wednesday. I have done this workout for a while now, can feel that I am getting leaner, and have worked hard on my diet and appetite.

Here we go…drum-roll….123.1 lbs. WHAT? 😦

I lost .3 lbs? Did I gain weight from 10/19 – 11/1 (binge era) and then lose that already? Or did I just not lose anything and worked really hard? Let’s hope and pray Day 20 weigh-in will show more progress. This is not the end of the world but definitely NOT what I had in mind. I am turning to Amazing Grass or some sort of supplement to maybe help me through the next few weeks. I’m doing abs and back class today, power yoga, and Jillian…the scale will not win!

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Day FIVE: Keep on keeping on

Day Four’s workout was a success, even though it started late. I may change up the workout a bit to include music as I am tired of hearing Jillian screaming the same things over and over, every day! All in all, I think that the moves are working like they should, I just want to see results NOW! (Acts of impatience from a true Aries). Little scared…ok really scared for weigh-in on Wednesday. I am not as sore today as I was the first two days, or am I just getting used to it?

Surprisingly afterwards, I STILL had a CRAVING for some pasta, like I did all day, and talked my hunny into taking me to our favorite local “Italian” restaurant (ran by Armenians) to indulge in a pasta dish that hopefully wouldn’t set me over the edge of my limited carb calories for the day. I ended up with a Tilapia Florentine dish. Over all, it was light on the stomach compared to lasagna or raviolis but as I stared into the dish, all I could see was little fat lipids waiting to be stuck to my ass. It wasn’t as ‘healthy’ as I wanted it to be, see food log. I only ate half of the dish. I was satisfied but a little disappointed in giving into my cravings. Tomorrow is a new day…

Tonight I get to hang out with my girlfriends, play some cards, and catch up on gossip. I’m not looking forward to all the snacks and large amounts of alcohol (and peer pressure) that will be surrounding me, but I think that I will be able to stick to my guns. NO ALCOHOL! But how about ONE delightful, small glass of red wine? I mean, wine isn’t ‘really’ alcohol, right? Isn’t it just fermented grape juice? 🙂

Wish me luck….


Your Social-Alcoholic, Carb-Loving turned Fitness-Freak, Favorite Blogger…

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Day FOUR – I.Heart.Breakfast!


I woke up this morning with my tummy growling and the need for a wholesome and warm breakfast. My body was telling me I needed fuel.  All the way through my shower and while I limped to work, I thought about my morning meal and how delicious and healthy it would be. “ORDER UP! one veggie egg white omelet (with cheese, had to have cheese) – a slice of wheat toast – big glass of orange juice” As you can see from my Food Log,  I don’t usually eat like this, but I had to have something strong to start out my day, and today, this was a great choice 🙂

Workout: for Day 3 was brutal. I do REALLY good through circuits 1 and 3…it’s right in the middle where I lose my endurance. I was super sore today and hope that tonight’s workout won’t kill me 🙂

Is it December yet?

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Day Three: No pain no gain baby!

No pain no gain: My body hates me this morning. Day 2 I was sore, and I am even more sore today. That’s the name of the game though. If I wasn’t doing it right, I wouldn’t be sore. My inner thighs (target spot) are seriously about to split. My glutes (target spot) is super tender and I clinch ever time I sit on my toosh! My back (right above the bra line — target area) is really sore to the touch. I LOVE that the things that are being worked are things I needed most improvement on.

My Day 3 workout started late but I made it though it. My endurance was a bit weaker than the first workout and I caught myself really hating the exercise half way through the second circuit, mainly because I was sore from Day 2. When I get to the 3rd circuit, I know I am just about done and push myself a bit harder. I like this about me 🙂  


1) To be able to do ALL the push-ups by the end of Level 1 workout. My upper body is a bit weak and I am struggling through this part of the workout.

2) Be able to get up early and start doing these workouts in the morning — starting next week. It will definitely help with my evening routine.

3) Fit into some of my oldies…pics to come.

Cheers (with my H20) to Jillian Michaels!

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Day TWO: Oscar here…

A long, dreary day with bad news demotivates me and turns me into a grouch. Nothing is going my way today and all I want is some good company to cheer me up and an Ace Pear. Maybe I shouldn’t start my challenge again today? I mean my head really isn’t into it and a beer would really just cheer me up 🙂 I have guests to entertain and they really don’t want to hear about my crappy day! Dinner isn’t quite done yet and all the guests are running late, so I stop the non-sense, bite the bulletS and turn my DVD on to take my anger out on Jillian!   

HOLY SMOKES! This workout ROCKS! This is only 20 mins long and I’m seriously getting all of this toning, cardio, and strength training in? I can feel my legs burning, the sweat rolling down my cheek, and the exercise fairies praising my actions. I am so thrilled I just did this and got through it. HECK YES for 30 day SHRED! I am loving the way I feel right now…and I have forgotten about my beer.

DING DONG…guests are here and I have a huge 🙂 on my face.

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Day One: dIsRuPtIoN

I have been waiting for this day all month! I’m so excited it is November 1st. As I sit at my desk, I can already hear Jillian telling me to “sweat more” and to “push yourself harder”. I can hardly wait to get home to see what she has in store for me. My busy day comes to an end at 4:30pm and I’m outta there.  

As I’m heading home, KatyLouMartin {my partner-in-crime} calls to say she has an amazing opportunity to watch a World Series game and her date with Jillian must be pushed back 24 hours. SO EXCITING! World-Freakin’-Series…are you kidding me? Although her workout and diet for the day was sabotaged, MINE was not…yet.  

I get home, get into my cute workout outfit that I had thought about all day…and start looking for my props. Weights (CHECK) — resistance bands (CHECK) — exercise mat (hmmm…where in the HELL is that?) — nowhere to be found. Ok, let’s improvise a bit and use something else. No problemo! (CHECK)

Now, time to pop in the DVD…wait? what? not reading disc? Low and behold, the damn DVD player takes a poo on me. AHHHH! Seriously? I hate to workout, but TODAY I BEG OF YOU, I really want to.  Dinner is on the stove and the WS game comes on soon, I don’t see a WalMart trip in store for me tonight. I change it up with a walk/run with Riplee around the neighborhood…Day One will have to start tomorrow!

Was it a sign? Were the stars not quite aligned for KatyLouMartin and I to start our challenge? Was it the Baseball Gods wanting us to hold off one more day to help root on the Rangers? We may never know.

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for an amazing season! Let’s do it again next year!

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